Why you should have your next soirée catered

Why you should have your next soirée catered

May 30, 2022Gerald Ainomugisha

You want to treat your friends to a dinner party but there’s so much to do. You have to select the right beverages, get the perfect music for the mood, organise and perhaps decorate the space and of course get the food just right.

You can cook all the food yourself but even if you are a qualified chef, you could benefit from having your next do catered. Here are some reasons why.

Taste you can trust

If you are ordering your catered meal from Tahini’s it may be because you have eaten there before and loved the food. This means that you can offer your guests food that you know tastes great. Eliminate the surprise of cooking a meal only to find out that you are not quite keen on the flavours this time. Because the food from a restaurant like Tahini’s is consistent, you are sure that your guests will enjoy that tasty Shawarma you too enjoyed.

Good food you can trust

When you order catered food from a licensed restaurant you are sure that you will be serving your guests food that you can trust. Restaurants have to adhere to high food preparation and storage standards-this may not be the case when you prep at home. The last thing you want is a case of food poisoning at your party.

Serve your guests a variety

If you want to be an exceptional host, you will no doubt want to offer your guests the food they like. However, it may be taxing to prepare shawarmas and falafels and garlic sauce and samosas, not to mention pita bread and hummus. It gets particularly difficult if you are having a sizeable group. With a catered menu, you can order a variety of options and come close to giving everyone what they like.

Reduce on cost

Catering can end up saving you not just energy, fuel and time but also reduce the cost of food. Restaurants can get the ingredients you want at wholesale prices because they buy in bulk. In addition, they are familiar with estimating food portions. Unless you are skilled, you could easily end up preparing 20 plates for a group of 10.

Sit and chat with your guests

You took the time to bring all your friends together, you should get a chance to enjoy their company. With a catered meal, you outsource the time consuming task of preparing the food and the stress of worrying about when the food is ready and so much more.

Without all that, you can bond with and have meaningful conversations with your guests. Tahini’s provides catering options for all small and large parties.

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