Have you met our appetizers?

Have you met our appetizers?

Jun 07, 2022Gerald Ainomugisha

What is the best way to eat appetizers? As the first part of a 3 course meal or alone when you want a light snack? The choice is yours and Tahini’s offers a range of appetizers to help you make that choice. 


A favourite appetizer for vegetarians and none vegetarians alike is falafels. The chick pea and herb balls are reminiscent of meat balls but that’s where the comparison ends. Less chewy than meat balls and filling on their own or as a companion dish, you can order falafels at any time of the day. Tahini’s serves them with fresh tahini dip which brings a whole new flavour to the meal. 


They can come stuffed with chicken, peas, potatoes and any number of vegetables. Because of this, samosas can be quite filling. This makes them the perfect appetizer for when there is a longer wait for the main course. If you want a light meal however, keep it to only a few. As a bonus samosas are one of those appetizers you can eat standing up and walking around. If you’re hosting an outdoor get together, your guests will be able to walk around and eat and talk. 

At Tahini’s, you can get samosas stuffed with lightly spiced beef. Don’t be shy about dipping your samosa in some creamy garlic sauce. 

Lentil soup

One of the more ‘traditional’ appetizers on the Tahini’s appetizer menu is lentil soup. Soup is a known precursor to many meals and is both hearty and healthy. Proponents of eating lighter meals will enjoy soup as it gives a feeling of satiety, reducing your intake on the main course. 

And if you are cooking, soup is easy to prepare and can be customised with spices and herbs you have in your garden a pantry.  If lentil soup is too thick, squeeze a little lemon juice and that will adjust the consistency. 

Fattoush salad

Why not have a salad for an appetizer and get your vegetable requirements for the day? The homemade fattoush salad is packed with tomatoes, lettuces, onions and more vegetables. Add cheese and pita chips to the mix and you can see how this salad can serve as a full meal. 

Spicy curry fries 

“Crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside, never disappoints.” What more do you need to know about Tahini’s fries? The trick to not eating too many if you are going to have an entrée, is to serve a small plate of these delicious fries. Pair spicy curry fries with hummus or garlic sauce.

Whether you are ordering for one or a larger group, an appetizer might be just what you need. All you have to do is adjust the portions. 

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