A variety of small portioned appetizers and sides to pair with your bowls, wraps, or add on to your family sized meals for extra deliciousness!

Signature Hummus

Delicious and creamy home-made hummus topped with olive oil and parsley served with a bag of fresh pita bread.

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  • tahinis lentil soup

    Lentil Soup

    Warm lentil soup with a dash of lemon juice, a touch of sumac and topped with Fresh parsley. Served with a side of Pita chips.

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  • tahinis garlic dip

    Garlic Dip

    Creamy home-made Garlic Dip served with a bag of Pita Bread.

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  • tahinis fattoush salad

    Fattoush Salad

    Fresh cut vegetables tossed together with crumbles feta cheese, crunchy pita chips and fresh dressing.

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  • Falafels

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  • tahinis 2 pcs samosas


    Beef or Vegetable

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  • Spicy Curry Fries

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