These are some of the fresh ingredients we use in our recipes

These are some of the fresh ingredients we use in our recipes

Apr 25, 2022Gerald Ainomugisha

At Tahini’s, we pride ourselves in the use of fresh ingredients in our cooking. It’s one of the things that sets our meals apart from those at dozens of other restaurants. Fresh ingredients don’t just make food taste better, they are more sustainable and if stored and prepared right, can have more nutrients. This freshness is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine and we do our best to maintain it.

Next time you eat at a Tahini’s, look out for the tastes and flavours of some of our favourites.

Chick peas

The main ingredient in our delicious hummus is chick peas. We start off with fresh chick peas add select spices and some lemon juice to create this smooth and creamy dip.  You can order hummus as an appetizer and in any of our bowls. If you happen to order at home and have extra, you can eat it with pretty much anything you want. From having it as a spread on your toast to a dip for your chips and salads.


Garlic is a favourite for many chefs because of its unique flavour and it is essential to creating special meals at Tahini’s. The Jerk chicken and rice bowl, the Habib bowl, Messy fries and Garlic sauce all have one thing in common; fresh garlic. Our garlic sauce in particular is crafted carefully, not too thick or too light. It makes the perfect companion to our shawarmas.


Used primarily as a topping, we love our cheese and in fact, the Middle Eastern cuisine has a liking for specialty cheese. Cheese is able to lend a touch of gourmet to what would otherwise be a simple meal. You will find Feta cheese in our Messy fries as well as Cheese curds in the Chicken poutine.


When it comes to making fries, not all potatoes are created equal. You want a potato that will produce tasty chips but that will also play well with other ingredients on the plate. We choose potatoes that are fresh and aged enough to deliver on both taste and shape. Here’s a quick guide to help you in buying the best ingredients.

Once we have the right potatoes, the next step is for our chefs to prepare them the Tahini’s way. As a bonus, we endeavour to source potatoes and other ingredients locally.


Fresh veggies are an essential part of our meals. Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, parsley and turnips are a few examples of the fresh vegetables we work with at Tahini’s. Order one of our shawarmas or salads and you will experience their distinct crunchy feel.

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