Middle eastern appetizers and snacks to make at home

3 Middle eastern appetizers and snacks to make at home

Jul 08, 2021Ali Hamam

Easy middle eastern snacks and desserts to make at home

You have probably heard that the Middle Eastern diet is one of the world’s healthiest diet. It has been touted to have all sorts of benefits including lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and protecting against type 2 diabetes.

This is because it is majorly Meat & plant-based, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs.

In addition, it emphasizes the use of ultra-healthy olive oil. There is something for meat lovers too: delicious meats and fish are a huge part of the diet.

It is not hard to see how one can eat Middle Eastern food every day, and if not, at least over a 3-course meal. Here’s a little inspo for you.

Cooking and eating should always be fun so feel free to swap and replace some dishes for ones that you like better.


What Middle Eastern Appetizers can you make at home? 

What are you throwing a party or just trying something new therapist funny easy to make Middle Eastern appetizers to choose from.

Rich in flavour and super healthy, Middle Eastern appetizers will be your next favorite snack after reading this article.

Call it a starter or an hors d’ouevre like the French do, an appetizer should be a small light meal that is served before the main course.

Its purpose is to stimulate the appetite and prepare you for your meal. It shouldn’t be so heavy that it satisfies you, nor should it overpower the main course. Sometimes, appetizers are shareable finger foods.

Middle Eastern cuisine excels in appetizers. Whether dining alone or with company, there is something you can choose from.

Hummus, Baba Ganoush served with crackers or pita bread are a famous choice, as well as plate of falafels that a group can share.

Since the Middle Eastern diet is big on vegetables, the hummus might also be accompanied by chopped vegetables or crudités or the appetizer might be an eggplant dish with pita bread. Toss in some olives to complete the Middle Eastern vibe.

At Tahini's middle eastern restaurant, you can find some of the most delicious, falafel, hummus, samosas, and even an authentic fattoush salad. 

Tahini's ensures all the appetizers are made fresh with every customer visit, and that's why they're made right upon ordering. 

Although Tahini's locations are mainly spread around Ontario, and the GTA region, if there's a Tahini's location near you, you better give those delicious middle eastern appetizers a try.  

You can find simplistic recipes on how to make some of the most delicious Middle Eastern appetizers everywhere online. 

However, if you face any difficulties, Tahini's is always the solution you can find these delicious Middle Eastern appetizers at any of your nearest Tahini's locations.


What middle-eastern desserts can you make at home? 

And finally, the dessert. There is still no consensus on if a dessert strictly needs to be sweet and it is lucky that the Middle Eastern diet offers a lot to choose from when it comes to dessert. 

From famous dishes like Baklava, Konafa & Om Ali there are no shortages in Middle Eastern desserts. However, most people in the Middle East keep the dessert healthy by eating some of the most delicious fruits in the world

The Middle Eastern diet is known to promote being physically active. End your 3-course meal with a short walk and maybe after that, a nap.

Just like the delicious Middle Eastern appetizers, middle eastern desserts can also be found at your nearest Tahini's location. 

You can find anything from the popular baklava to the delicious Lokmas known in Ontario and surrounding areas as Doughbits.

Delicious, luxurious, and better than anything you'd find at your local donut shop, Middle Eastern desserts are a delicacy every food fanatic should enjoy. 

While these delicacies usually involve overly sweet ingredients such as honey chocolate and fruit syrup.

You can mix and match and Tailor each dessert to suit your personal preference and diet habits.

Our personal favourite out of all Middle Eastern desserts would have to be baklava, and Doughbits. 

They are a simple yet delicious any-time dessert, that literally, anybody could make within less than an hour.

Below is a description of a few Middle Eastern desserts that you can look up the recipe for and start baking or fraying immediately. 


Baklava is a layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey.

You can find the best baklava at your local middle eastern bakery, what are you can order delicious fresh baklava from tahini's restaurant.

It is by far one of the most popular authentic Middle Eastern desserts.

baklava Arabic sweets

Om Ali: 

The taste of Om Ali is very rich and typical of Middle Eastern dessert. Although very different from baklava or kunafa yet it will remind you of it.

The buttery puff pastry texture is soaked in milk and baked with nuts and a cream topping.

Umm ali arabic dessert

Doughbits (Lokma):

Doughbits are one of the simplest middle eastern desserts and can be topped with whatever flavor you'd prefer. 

At your nearest Tahini's location, some of the best-selling flavours include double chocolate, maple syrup, and biscoff. 

Even though the original Lokma or Doughbits is made solely with organic or synthetic honey. 

Just like baklava and the other middle eastern appetizers we addressed above, Doughbits are a delicious light dessert you can find at your nearest Tahini's location. 

In a nutshell, Doughbits are deep-fried dough balls smothered in your choice of toppings or glazings.  

Lokma or loukoumades arabic dessert

Key Takeaways 

Ultimately, maintaining a healthy diet if an essential part of your well-being, and doesn't always have to be boring or tasteless. 

Learn a thing or two from the middle eastern community, and take what works for you from their delicious cuisine. 

"Eating clean" is a common statement that has been passed around for longer than we can recall. But cleaning your diet never meant that you have to start eating boring. 

Whilst eating middle eastern is not the only way you can eat better, it is indeed one of the most flavorful diets. Offering a wide range of veggies, greens, protein and nutrients. 

Ultimately Tahini advocates the middle eastern diet because of its numerous benefits but the whole Tahini's menu is built around the concept of eating better to feel better. 

If you do not have the time to make these delicious appetizers, and desserts, we recommend visiting Tahini's and trying to eat there. 

Overall, it is Tahini's objective to provide healthier alternatives for everyday fast foods, that are budget-friendly as much as they are flavorful and healthy. 

Along with providing healthier alternatives, Tahini's applies its middle eastern touch to different dishes from across the world. 

Something the brand calls fusion cuisine, offering a spicy take on world-famous dishes, such as Butter chicken, and the best-selling Jamaican Jerk.

Browse The Tahinis menu and find the nearest Tahinis location to you. 


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