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How to make a Mezze platter like a pro

Feb 07, 2022Gerald Ainomugisha

Mezze platters are collections of small dishes served together. They are normally thought of as appetizers but you can make a whole meal out of your platter. This popular arrangement from the Mediterranean region can be served either hot or cold.

As countries around the world ease back the lock downs and some get rid of them entirely, people will begin to entertain more. A mezze platter gives you the chance to taste a little bit of everything and it may be the right set of snacks for you and your small group of friends.

What you need to make a Mezze platter

A mezze platter will typically have dips, meats, vegetables, fruits and more. However, unlike the recipe for say baking a cake, a mezze platter, like a lot of meals from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean region is quite flexible.

You decide what you want your platter to have.  Remember that a mezze platter is as much about the look as the taste. Arrange your dishes in different shapes, the same shape or even colour code them in order to give the eyes as well as the mouth, a feast.


If you’re looking for a bread to have on a Mezze platter, consider having a light Pita. Cut into smaller pieces, it will pair well with the items on your board.


From Tzatiki to Tahini, there is a wide range of dips to choose from. They are great for eating your pita bread with, for dipping your vegetables into and who doesn’t like a bit of hummus?


Yes you can have meat on your Mezze platter and these need not be deli meats only. Lamb and goat skewers or souvlaki are a good addition for the meat eaters in the group.

Fruits and veggies

The world is your oyster when it comes to fruits for your mezze platter. Just remember that people will often be eating food from a platter using their fingers so dicing may not be ideal. Instead, have big enough slices for them to pick up with ease. Where most of your board might be tangy or savoury, you have a chance to introduce a bit of sweetness with some fruit.

Sweet oranges, grapes, apples and cucumber can all be part of your Mezze platter. Dried fruits too, such as dried apricots can make for a change in flavour and texture.

One fruit that is a must see on a Moroccan Mezze platter is eggplant brushed with some harissa. The harissa brings heat to the mild mannered eggplant.

Don’t forget the olives. Many Mediterranean platters feature this popular fruit from the region.


The nuts on the plate bring a different texture to the entire meal. After eating a fluffy bread, a smooth dip and a juicy fruit, introduce a little crunch with some nuts. This is where almonds come in to the mix.

What your Mezze platter ends up like is totally up to you. Choose the foods you like, lay them out neatly on a board, provide little side plates for everyone to make their own selection and enjoy!

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