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Delicious wraps from all over the world that you should try

Oct 20, 2021Gerald Ainomugisha

When you are hungry and have no energy to make a big meal, reach for a wrap. When you need something to eat on the go, reach for a wrap. When you have no time and yet you need something delicious, reach for a wrap. They are nutritious, can be customised and are so full of flavour.

Wraps are so delicious and popular that almost every country has their own version of one. Despite the different names and special recipes, there are two things that all wraps have in common; a cover aka the wrap and the mix of meats or vegetables on the inside.

Here is a short course to help you order a wrap wherever you are in the world.

Shawarma from the Middle East

Yes Shawarma originates in the Middle East but they can now be found everywhere in the world. That means on street carts and gourmet restaurants alike.

The meat used in the Shawarma can be anything from lamb to beef, chicken or turkey. Mix that with vegetables, a bit of cheese if you like, the right sauces, and you have a dish you can eat for pretty much any meal.

Burrito from Mexico

The beauty of food is that recipes spread. While it originates in Mexico, you can find a burrito in most countries and with tweaks in the recipe to suit the region. To make one, a tortilla wrap can be filled with a number of ingredients. Burritos can have rice, beans, beef, pork and vegetables. The tortilla needs to be firm and wrapped well enough that the fillings do not tear through.

Rolex from Uganda

This Ugandan food common on most street corners consist of a chapatti, eggs and some vegetables. To make one, an omelette is placed on top of the chapatti and onions tomatoes and green pepper are placed on top of that. The ensemble is rolled (hence its name) and it is ready to go. It ordinarily has 2 eggs and one chapatti but the ready in 5 minute dish can have more eggs and 2 chapattis for the extra hungry.

Moo shu pork

Sliced pork, cucumber, mushrooms and fried egg are the main ingredients for Moo shu pork. Add to that garlic, ginger, soy sauce and rice cooking wine and you have the ingredients for traditional Chinese Moo shu pork.

It can be eaten as is but if you add mandarin pancakes or moo shu wrappers, you will have a wrap. As the recipe has evolved and changed, it is not uncommon to find moo shu served with regular tortilla wraps.

Gyros from Greece

Much like the Shawarma, meat for the Gyro can be stacked on a vertical rotisserie. It is often spiced and left to marinate before being brought to roast. To complete the wrap, pita bread is cut down the middle and then sideways to create a pita pocket. Slices of the ready meat along with lettuce, onion and tomato are then stuffed into it. A sauce or dressing like tzatziki completes the gyro.

Do you know of a wrap from your home country that we missed? Let us know.

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