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8 kitchen gadgets to gift your loved ones this holiday season

Dec 13, 2021Gerald Ainomugisha

Tis the season to be jolly and shopping is afoot!

Kitchen items and equipment are perfect gifts because they are useful and they can be enjoyed. Not all of them though. Some are expensive and hugely impractical which sadly means that they are left at the back of the kitchen shelf, never to be used. To help you stay clear of that category, we have compiled a short list of gifting items that will delight.

1. Pepper grinder

There is something about freshly ground pepper corns that can take a recipe from basic to gourmet. Even if it is just a fried egg recipe. It is a combination of that fresh flavour and the crunch of the pepper corns when you bite in. A mortar and pestle works just fine but a pepper grinder comes with benefits of its own such as being faster and smoother.

2. Garlic press

Garlic is one of the most famous vegetables in the world and for good reason. Its flavour can transform meals. That same flavour can stick to your fingers for weeks, especially if you cook regularly. Give your fingers a break and buy a garlic press.

3. Baking shapes/cookie cutters

If you have a friend who loves to bake, they probably have enough trays. But do they have cute shapes for their cookies? Gift them and you might get a bigger batch of their delectable homemade cookies this year.

4. Stainless steel skewers

These are a great gift for the cook who makes kebabs or any meal that might require roasting. Unlike wooden skewers, they can be reused time and again.

5. Kitchen timer

The basic function of the timer is to remind you when your dish is done. But we can push the boundary of that function and use timers that bring a little fun and cheer into the kitchen like this cute lady bug.

6. Spice rack

Whether you cook using dry or fresh spices and herbs, how you store them actually contributes to how long they last. One rule of thumb is to keep them away from direct sunlight. A movable spice rack can help you keep all your spices away from the sun and organised so you can find what you need with ease when you cook.

Knife set

These days, a knife set is so valuable that chefs don’t rely on knives they have not tested. They carry their own to a job. A professional set of knives will be appreciated by that friend who loves to cook meats. Go ahead and also share advice on how to handle their new knives like a pro.

Meat shredders

Meat shredders are essential when it comes to recipes that call for shredded beef, chicken or other meats. They make the job fast and easy, they protect your hands from the heat, and some people seem to have fun with the bear claw shaped ones.

Any of these gifts will bring a smile to a cook’s face, whether that cook is yourself or a lucky friend. Happy holidays!

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