Here’s how to succeed at running your own restaurant (Part 2)

Here’s how to succeed at running your own restaurant (Part 2) - tahinis

Running your own restaurant business can be hard but if done well, it can also be fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Having managed and ran Tahini’s restaurants for years, we are happy to share tips to help you skip over the hard times when you begin your own restaurant. For all our tips, check out Part 1 that talks about the importance of offering good food, having cash flow and more.

Prioritize your staff

As the owner, you will have the dream and vision for the restaurant but you cannot pull it off alone. You need good people to help you out. Share the dream with your staff, get their buy in and they will help your restaurant succeed.

Your restaurant’s primary objective might be to serve great food but it is still a business and needs to be run as such. That means taking care of your human resource and motivating them through training. The restaurant industry has one of the highest turnover rates, with a continuous gap for trained staff. Trained staff are an asset that helps the business run smoothly. They save you time and money.

Training your staff, rewarding them for work done well and giving them benefits can give them reason to stay with you for longer. This will bring down your rehiring costs (remember, cash flow is king) and give your customers a feeling of consistency when they visit your restaurant.

Prioritize customers

Speaking of customers. Yes your food is good, yes the premises are clean, yes you offer the best service, but you can do more. The customers are the reason your doors remain open so you have to give them an extra reason to keep coming to your restaurant and not defect to the new one that opened across the street.

Consider doing giveaways to reward your loyal customers and attract new ones. If possible, collect contacts and give regulars a free meal or drink on their birthday. Make them a part of the restaurant family by giving away swag or sending them your monthly newsletter.

You might also want to experiment with new dishes and new theme nights to keep things fresh. After a customer has come to your restaurant for 3 months, they will need something new to keep them excited about returning.

Get the word out. Continuously.

In order to succeed at running your restaurant, you need people to know about the restaurant. This means getting the word out. This can be in the form of traditional advertising or on social media.

A lot of customers will do a search before deciding to eat at your restaurant. Make sure your website, if you have one, is attractive and informative. Your menu, how to order and contacts should be easy to find.

As food is very visual, don’t miss the chance to share photos of your lovely meals on your feeds. When you get a good review, an endorsement or testimonial, brag about it to show your community that others appreciate what you are offering. Good luck!

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